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by Conjurer

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mourner thumbnail
mourner This one really goes deep. Tremendously heavy and bleak, yet crushingly groovy as well. You can easily see these guys destroying any venue they'd hit live with this. The heavy hitting slow to mid-tempo tunes are sort of tranceinducing. It's very easy to listen to it multiple times in a row or even get lost in it totally. Favorite track: Hadal.
bwill05 thumbnail
bwill05 Conjurer is a special band. I can't put my finger on it, but I love everything this band does and Mire is my favorite album from them. It is one of my favorite albums of all time. Conjurer's songs are so musically dynamic, alternating tempo, harmonies, growls/screams. It is terrific. I love their use of major harmonies as well. I can't play this album while I do anything else because it keeps pulling my attention back to the music, and I hear something new on each listen. Favorite track: Choke.
progmetalfleshblob thumbnail
progmetalfleshblob Crushingly heavy but knows when to slow things down just so it hits right, one of my all time favourite albums. Favorite track: Thankless.
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Choke 06:00 video
Eyes sink, veins swell, inks smear across this battled face. In drowning these spirits,I have lost; they have won. To see them snarl, that voracious pack of ͚professionals͛– baying, teeth bared, ravenous – grinds my teeth down to shards. I'll take all I can compile: body, blood, and bile. Devotion unparalleled, I'd drink the cold sweat straight from your brow. Leeching your life in black and white. Taking your dismay for sustenance. A hint of life, to hide the stains, disgusts when lies and truth conspire to smear the oils across your face. Shroud. Choke. Quell. Suffer. Smother the lens. How they all come running at the drop of a pill. There's a living to be made in violating simple human rights. A hand extends offering help but, as I uncurl each of the fingers, I find sat in the midst of its palm yet another poison I cannot help but consider.
Hollow 06:33
If only a mirror could see past the skin, through the meat and the bone, I might find the parasite that has made my body its home. Tear it out, rip it out of your frame with reckless abandon, 'fore your bones, brittle bones, hold but flesh in decay. With a shard of shattered self, I have found a way into this vermin's horrid domain. I have found a way. And as blood rushes the blade, and all colours fade, I commit this pyrrhic crime to destroy its source and mine. Bloody your hands! If I have to tear at every tendon to rid me of this leech, I'll bloody my hands! Thus my perdition ends. I have found a way. I lay hollow.
Thankless 08:32
I've had everything fall at my feet, yet I've nothing to offer. A life filled with love that has none to repay. There's only so much one can ponder their departure 'fore it becomes an option they might take. I am one who's given all but earns none of it, always a net to break my shortest of falls. Should it be taken away, would I alter my ways? Or let myself plummet into an early grave? Is it a sin to curse the life I'm blessed with? To let it all fade? I know not the pains of this world, unlike so many others. But I wonder what they would do had they the chance to feel the bliss of ignorance once again. The waning of life is a plight that burdens most. How fleeting the woes when the end is what you covet. Is it a sin to curse the life I'm blessed with? To let it all fade? This slumber, so sweet, for it is the closest thing to leaving. Thankless squanderer. Aimless wanderer. Unworthy of your grief, yet grief throbs within. Pain from lack of pain? Is it a sin to feel this way? I͛ve had it all fall at my feet yet wept when all I had to do was kneel down and lift. Thankless squanderer. Aimless wanderer.
Retch 03:14 video
I am steeped, steeped in rot and disease. Laid amongst the bones of my defeat. Weak, clinging on with mucid skin, hoping soon the walls will cave me in. You retch, so as to purge, but it fails to end this wretched curse. How many more times will I wake up only to wish my sleep would never end? Lost, stumbling toward an open grave, hands still clutching to the spade. You retch, so as to purge, but it fails to end this wretched fucking curse. There is no shelter ͚til every shred of hope is ripped from the sinews. I͛'m done for. You retch, so as to purge, but it fails to end this wretched fucking curse. Retch, so as to purge.
The Mire 04:13 video
Crossing over, the trudge begins, through barren marsh and ceaseless winds. Mourn thy departed soul, torn from your mortal coil. On this forsaken moor may you find, among the thorns, that rugged ground you tread holds passage for the dead. About the fire, upon the fleet, here is where those comforts leave me. Hold not dear all your sorrows for they will only fan the flames. This night, this body will endure the torment my God and Creator deems it worthy to receive. Heathen, avert your fickle eyes, plead for an absent saviour's hand. Whether you'd a life of splendour or squalor, this mire will surely see it end.
Breathe, warmth in your lungs, torn from the cord. Eyes turn t͛owards the skies, all is in sight. Take a step out forwards, move through the haze, touch heaven. Celestial being watches on. All that is known, all that will be, all that has come to pass, is written before me in flames. Breathe, warmth graze the flesh, envelop the core. Eyes, death͛s marked your eyes, look not to the skies. Born of a flesh weaker than ash, we come to understand this life, stolen from God, was ours from the start. And so it shall remain, no matter how meager, this life stolen from God. Our ever-ending eon dawns and fades, so suddenly we͛re left inside callous shadow.
Hadal 08:08
There is a world beneath us, endless and wall-less, yet we cannot enter. Mere sunlight fails to penetrate through the vast plains of nothingness. Unfit to venture its darkened fields. This place cannot be claimed, inhabitants arcane, serf to the boundless murk. This place cannot be claimed. These creatures thrive in depths we cannot reach. These beasts survive on prey they cannot see. More is known of galaxies than this, the wretched deep. There is a hell closer than Hell. The pressure crushes down. Where greatest mountains would drown. Down. This place cannot be claimed.


released March 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Conjurer Rugby, UK



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